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when to pick rose hips?

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by kennyso on July 16, 2006 09:26 AM
Hi guys, I've found a lot of rose hips at the plaza across the street and some of them are a deep orange colour. I picked one and the seeds inside were 'all set' they were solid and hard and a creamy white. Can anyone tell me if these were ready to be picked? I believe the rose hips is from a type of wild rose. There are also many purple rose hips (from a different bush) that I am going to pick. Does anyone know what type of rose these are (they're pink). Also, if anyone wants seeds, please let me know.

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by tkhooper on July 17, 2006 01:17 AM
Hey kenny wait to pick them until they turn brown and the stem below them begins to turn brown and shrivel up. the seeds should be black in color when they are ripe.

I'm glad you found a place where they weren't dead heading their roses.

The only thing I would be confident about saying about the roses is that they are subzero types since they grow in your zone. Other than that there are so many varieties of roses it would be hard to know I think.

Good luck with your roses.

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