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My Funky Free-spirited Jade

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by mudpoet on December 14, 2006 02:16 AM
I have a very healthy jade plant that is about 3 years old and growing like wildfire. About a year ago, my cat knocked it over and it came loose from the pot. I managed to save it and repot it, although it looked a little worse for the wear. But that jade is no quitter!

Since then, the once tall and uniform plant has grown in lots of interesting snakey directions. It's thriving and again growing at an alarming rate. The problem is that a large section of it has grown in a downward direction and then back up again, forming a large "U" that extends much lower than the pot from which it grows. I've had to accomodate this by letting that side of the plant hang over the edge of a table by the window.

All is fine for now, but it will soon be so heavy that I know it will tip the pot over. Is there any way to correct this? Or should I just plant it in a much bigger pot and let the jade do its thing?

I want to do what's best for it. It's my favorite plant! Thanks for your suggestions.
by Amany on December 14, 2006 04:04 AM
If sure someone knowledgeable than I will come along soon, but maybe you could...

- Place the existing pot inside of another bigger, heavier one to anchor it. Take it out of the second pot when it's time to water so tht it won't be sitting in water.

- Take cuttings to make it less top heavy. From the way you've described it though, I probably wouldn't prune it unless I absolutely had to. It sounds like a really interesting plant.

Could you post pictures of it so we can see it?! [Wink]
by mudpoet on December 14, 2006 04:33 AM
Thanks for your thoughtful suggestions, Amany!

Phew, I was hoping you would advise against pruning. I just don't think it would be possible since the whole plant is sort of growing in these rogue directions and it's one of two actual trunks that has grown downward and back up again. It's almost half the plant. So I'd have to go all King Solomon on it in order to remove the offender.

I'd like to give it a new pot, but I'm nervous about repotting it. I don't even know where I would grasp the thing to pull it out. So maybe I'll take your suggestion for the time being!

I'll post a picture of it for you as soon as I get a chance.
by Tonya on December 14, 2006 08:44 PM
Sounds like a beautiful and very interesting plant- I can't wait to see pics! [thumb] I agree that I personally wouldn't prune it, but would repot in a much larger pot. Sounds like it is happy where it is and with it's conditions, tho!

BTW- Welcome to the forum [wavey] I'm sure you will love it here!

Pssst! We love, love, love pics here! [lala] [thumb] [Big Grin]

* * * *
 - Bote and Babe's World
by margaret e. pell on December 16, 2006 02:05 PM
Yeah, yeah, what Tonya said. I want to see this plant!

* * * *

may God bless the WHOLE world!

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