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new to xmas cactus

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by pumpie on November 30, 2006 11:26 AM
Hi Everyone,

i just made an impulse purchase at the store - a small christmas cactus with orange blossoms. i was reading up on this site and saw that i shouldn't move it once it has buds. Obviously i didn't leave it at the store. so will i lose the unbloomed buds? what can i do to minimize the damage? i have it in a room with 2 large northwest facing windows, but across the room a little bit. any suggestions would be really appreciated. thanks!

by njoynit on November 30, 2006 12:26 PM
When I purchased mine It was half buds half blooms.I still had blooms to see,so guess the buds we're not quiet affected.They like it cool right now.They can adapt to low light,but do better in bright indirect indoor lighting from N or W.You can grow in E or S but will need like a sheer curtain to difuse the light.Mine seem to do best in temps of 50-65.Mine are mostly outdoors& indoors from Dec-March.I would think being across the room would be good as would not get a draft from the window. Things that make buds drop...over watering,drafts,cold,heat(like from radiater)lack of potash in soil.
otherwise keep soil moist,but let it dry between waterings& keep it on the dry side in winter.

I have moved mine while in bud....just the 20th I moved them& then put back& will move again tomorrow,but I also set them in the dark.My pink just looks ugly cause the dog knocked into the blanket(I just potted the broke off ones)I have a post on here of mine blooming.My red one will be blooming this weekend.

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