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New succulents

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by preciousgreenfingers on November 29, 2006 11:59 PM
I bought four succulents today from a farmers market. They are all in their individual pots. Is it safe to transplant them into a dish ( I want to plant them in a single dish) or should I wait till spring? Thanks in advance.
by Tonya on November 30, 2006 03:59 AM
I, personally, would go ahead as long as the water requirements are the same. I am sure someone experienced will be along soon to answer. Any pics?? [grin] Best of luck!

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 - Bote and Babe's World
by margaret e. pell on December 01, 2006 05:30 AM
The thing about succulents is some are summer growers and some are winter growers. Some can tollerate part shade, some need full sun. Not all do best potted together, all outgrow their communal dish eventually - which could be next growing season or 5 years on. To answer your question, we need to know what you've got. Pics a/o descriptions please.

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may God bless the WHOLE world!
by preciousgreenfingers on December 01, 2006 05:54 AM
Thanks. Will post pics soon.

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