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Red Wood Trees

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by sapphire on June 03, 2006 12:30 PM
A neighbor of ours just gave us a pot of about 12 Redwood trees that he had planted from the seeds his own tee produced.

The plants are right at 12 -14 inches tall, still in the large container. I live in South Carolina, which I am not sure that means anything, the neighbors tree is huge, was fast my plan is to put in the back yard, where there is constant sun, keep it watered until it establishes a good tap root.

Anything else I need to do. I had no idea that Redwood trees put off seeds, but they do shed in winter, so I suppose it would give off seeds.

If I need to do anything else when I plant them, please advise. Of course I am not going to plant 12 Redwood trees in my back yard, I will give most of them away, I will probably plant just two.
by Redwood on June 06, 2006 04:25 PM
well, Redwoods generally love the cool foggy coast of Calif.. essencilly a Rain Forest in winter and cool summer.. so, I'd say, Plenty of water, especially to get they established.

Good luck with you trees! may they grow TAll, and live for hundreds of years!
by sapphire on June 08, 2006 03:26 AM
I had never heard of having a red wood tree here in the South. However, my neighbor's sure is thriving. I am not sure of there are different varieties of Red Woods or not, I am not that familiar with them. Oak trees, Maples, Gum Trees, Pines, Pecan Trees, Sycamores, Cottonwood Trees, all thoses I am familiar with. This is something entirely new to me.

But with the trees being free, if they don't make it I have not lost any money, but still I really want them to thrive, so I will make sure they have plenty of water and just see what happens. Thanks for the information.

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