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tropical hibicus

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by gailo on October 16, 2006 08:25 PM
I have a huge tropical hibiscus. I have brought it in for the winter. It no longer fits easily into my house. It is about 9 feet tall and 4 feet wide. If I prune it back now will it damage it? And if I take some of the cuttings and put them in rooting hormone will they root? And if I do that, do I have to use a special potting mix other than a good quality one? I have never done the rooting hormone thing before.

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by Jimmy V on October 20, 2006 09:08 AM
Gailo yes you can trim the top back and also get starts off wht you trimmed off. I never let mine get over 5 foot tall. Sure it is cold where you live now do you have a garage or something you could put it in ? Or was you going to move it into your house. When you take the cutting make sure you dip in rooting hormon and use clean soil. Will look up some info for you and Pm it to you.

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by gailo on October 22, 2006 07:59 PM
Thanks Jimmy. I will try rooting some. And I will definitely trim up the plant, which is already inside. We still have warm days so I have been dragging 3 Meyer lemons, 2 key limes and the hibiscus out for sun every day and in every night. But now I want to set up the grow lights etc. and get them situated for the winter.

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