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Aloe Vera

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by tatsrus on August 24, 2002 08:56 AM
My Aloe Vera is flowering. Is this rare? I have had the plant for two years and am overjoyed with the fact it has two flowering stems.
by Bill on August 25, 2002 07:45 AM
I wouldn't call the fact that your Aloe is flowering "rare", but it is certainly uncommon for them to bloom indoors. It definately shows that your plant is happy and healthy.
If you are lucky enough to have hummingbirds in your yard, and there is a suitable location to place your plant outdoors (morning sun ONLY in hot climates), please do so. The hummers will love you for it! Don't forget to bring your Aloe back into the house before the first frost.
Caring for your Aloe

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by Carrie on August 31, 2002 06:03 AM
I have a beautiful and seemingly happy aloe plant in a container by a large window in my kitchen. The only problem is that it is lopsided. The base is not strong enough to support all the offshoots and it leans strongly to one side. I have tried staking it to get it to grow more upright, but the top of the plant is so heavy that it continues to lean to the side. Any suggestions on strengthening the base to make the plant grow more upright?? (The is my first aloe plant so I am very much of a novice.)


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