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Truck Tires 'n Potaotes

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by Creamhorses on April 19, 2006 04:55 AM
Hello gardeners.

Creamhorses here...just joined your famly today. I happened by this group after googling 'planting potatoes'.

Having quite a large supply of tires on hand, I though I might try planting potatoes using this method.

I follow the part where I scratch up the soil where I lay the tire, then I spread the rim[bead] of the tire and fill with dirt. I plant my eye's around the tire...then fill the center of the tire from the ground level up to the level of the planted toes. OK! Got that.

Now when the plant stems grow to ~8", I'm supposed to add another level of dirt to the rim of the second tire. Am I supposed to bury the stems and leaves in this I to put the stems into the rim of the second tire?

It appeared to me that all these layers [3-4] would accumulate more tubulars from just the first planting.

I'm confused.....but then again, I'm over the hill..but know I can grow better potatoes without doing that.



ps Our peas are ~1" high. We mixed spinach in the rows....planted the last week of March.

by peppereater on April 26, 2006 06:42 AM
Dave...sorry no one responded before.
What I know about that type of method is that you keep adding stuff until it's the depth of the container. Just pick off the leaves and pile around the stems, and they'll form potatoes all through the media. The methods I have heard of call for using straw or leaves...dirt would do, but straw or leaves work, too, and it's very easy to harvest the potatoes.

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by dodge on June 03, 2006 10:08 AM

Odd way to plant potatoes.. I thought you was going to keep adding tires till you got to the sky//ha ha

Some one said they will grow under a pile of straw.

dodge [party]

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