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fungus on lavender

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by sajan on February 04, 2005 11:19 PM
hello everyone,
I am from India and I am new to this forum.I have been growing lavender in a big pot for more than an year(for the first time).Here in south India we get full sun and it is quite humid.Now small yellow flower buds have finally appeared and suddenly there are white cotton like lumps on the stem ,under the leaves and even on a few flower buds.It looks like some kind of fungus.Also many leaves(initially green grey) have started getting black spots all over.Is my lavender dying?

I have never used any chemicals on it 'coz I read it in a newsgroup that use of chemical insecticides etc should be avoided..Is there something I can do to save the plant?..Is garlic spray helpful?If anybody knows how to beat the fungus please help

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