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CAT mint

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by njoynit on June 15, 2004 12:46 AM
ok my cat mint is blooming.Its white.its kewl almost 3 ft tall.I thought it was gonna bloom purple.Then have read up that it blooms in pink too& also are some with verigated leaves.

anyone have any others?
what about rooting stem cuttings?It says can cut back to bloom a 2nd time.well what if I want some seeds to sow .whens it done blooming& ready to set seed& can I cut it back then and get a 2nd flush?We got a long growing season here and we be hot now.Its 90s.We prefer to NOT know the heat index.and do i have to wait till it blooms the 2nd time and finishes before divideing?

I'm still searching so I may know this by tomorrow [grin]

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I will age ungracefully until I become an old woman in a small garden..doing whatever the Hell I want!
by sachis2112 on June 18, 2004 02:49 AM
Yes, yes, yes and yes. [Big Grin]

Seriously though. I have two purple blooming ones. I hear that they spread like mad so be careful when letting them set seed.

I've rooted many stems this year, both with water and with soil. Clipping the long stems made it bud back a lot much the the kitties' delight. I've clipped the flowers and it reblooms a month later or so.

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