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Thornius HELP- new bird

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by pagarden on March 31, 2006 11:25 PM
i was sitting out on the picninc table watching the birds while my son painted his rock [nutz] and i saw a new bird on my seed feeder. i can't find him in my book! it was about the size of a downy. all gray, dark legs, dark bill. a rather fat sort of bill too. not a skinny one like nuthatch- a fat one- the closest shape i can find in my book is a grosbeak. so bill was that shape and dark. his body was all gray no markings except for a light light gray spot under his bill sort of like where a beard would be. nothing on his chest. my first thought was a catbird because they are all gray- but he had no black crown. any ideas???? i have a "birds of Pennsylvania field guide" so maybe he's just not in here????

AND I saw a new "Lifebord" too! A song sparrow! i can check him off now! LOL he sat forever picking thistle off the ground under the feeder!
by Thornius on April 02, 2006 02:44 AM
Sounds like you have a female Brown-Headed Cowbird. Do a Google Image Search on that bird and see if that's what it is. I saw a female on my neighbor's suet feeder a couple of days ago.

Song Sparrows are great! When you first see one you think, "Yuccch! [Razz] ", what a drab ordinary bird......and then it opens its beak and SINGS!!! and it's like the gates of Heaven have burst wide and the Heavenly Choir has escaped!!! [angel] [angel] [angel] [grin]

* * * *
A bird in the hand......can sometimes be a mess.
by pagarden on April 02, 2006 04:40 AM
YUP! that's what she was! THANK YOU! here's the pic i found on the net....


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