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by Sarha on May 12, 2005 04:54 AM
HI i have a question about planting a rose from a bouquet i had received. I had gotten some white roses for valentines day and several had some new growth so i continued to keep them in water. Well they continue to get new leaves but no roots. I heard that you can plant them and put a glass jar over them but i need a little more details on what exactly i should do with them. If anyone can help i'd appreciate it:) thanks
by JV on May 12, 2005 05:20 AM
[wayey] Hey Sarha welcome to the forum. On your roses you need to cut at an angle at a leaf node, dip in Root starter (harmone)mix some sand (if you cant get washed go to a garden center they sell sand for this)mix in some pearlite to help hold moisture put all in a cup (plastic,styrofoam etc. or peat cup)stick a pencil down into this mixture water place your rose stem in the hole.(the hole is so you dont break or bend the stem), Trim off all but three or four leaves. Place a baggy over cup make sure the rose does not touch the baggy let it alone just check moisture once in awhile also keep close check for fungus on the leaves because of the baggy.If you get fungus take a little corn meal (organic if you can get it). Do not use the cornmeal that is self riseing or has flour or anything else in it. The cornmeal will kill the fungus and is also a good fertilizer. I just got a mositure gauge I use to check on how wet my plants are. I don't have many plants about 13 or 14 roses not counting my brazelean rock Rose, somewhere around 28 Hibiscus over a year old plus about 14 Manhot Hibiscus (got seed from duckie) 4 Disco Belle, Got more just donmt want to pull up the log . [Embarrassed] Good luck post some photos so we can all see your blooms. [flower]

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