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by Twinkles420 on January 18, 2006 07:28 AM
Hi all,
I have several Butterfly bushes. I have a problem with them. Their leaves seem to be droopy and sometimes yellow. I water them thinking that is what they need and the leaves still remain droopy. I see no evidence of pests on them. I have lost half of the plant on 2 of them. They are almost 3 feet high. I have pruned all the dead wood off. They all have new growth. But, I don't understand about the leaves yellowing and being droopy. I have even dug one up whose leaves remind droopy for days thinking it was a root problem. I have it in a clay pot in full sun. It does have new growth and has lost most of its' droopy leaves. Just wondering if this is what they do and I just need to prune them back. I have started many plants from cuttings and some have flowered in the past 2 months. Wondering if I need to fertilize them more or less.
Happy gardening!
by RugbyHukr on January 18, 2006 11:12 PM
If the pot gets too hot from being in the sun, you may be cooking your plants. I would suggest shielding the pot from the sun.

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by maja24 on January 29, 2006 08:56 AM
Hi Twinkles,

When the pot is in full sun, it's getting really hot for the roots. When the plant has been in the pot for a while the roots will be in contact with the pot and especially the smal tender roots wich are needed for the waterabsoption will die off. That's why you need to shield the pot or use very lightcoloured pots, they won't get that hot. Also you can put bubbleplastic in the pot before you plant your Buddleja, so it is shielded from the heat.

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