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zucchini storing

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by sammy papa on August 15, 2006 05:16 AM
Hello all.. I have alot of zuccini this year and we can only eat so many cakes and fry them..My question is how long will they last after we pick them...for further cakes etc. Can we freeze them? if so how?
by weezie13 on August 15, 2006 06:44 AM
Ohhhhhh yes, you can freeze them..

I use a Salad Shooter type machine with
the cheese shredder funnel on it, and
stuff in the desired zuke and do them into
ziplock freezer bags ****I roll down the sides, first, so that when I salad shoot them in, the zipper parts don't get wet or dripped on****
(Or to be on the safe side, MEASURE THEN INTO A CUP MEASURING CUP, then plop that into the sandwich baggies..)

Then squish a bit of air out, flatten a bit..
and lay flat in the freeze *a cookie sheet works great to put them in first if you have a big freezer*

When you go to use them in the middle of winter for a zucchini bread or something..
Get a sieve/strainer/collander and let the baggie sit...
It'll thaw.. and when it's thawed, dump it into the sieve/strainer/collander and LET THE WATER *from freezing* drain...

Then use as according to the recipe......

* * * *

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by DeeLuzon on August 15, 2006 07:02 AM
weezie, thanks! i see several summer nights of shredding/freezing ahead of me (and am already looking forward to winter's fritters & zuke bread).

* * * *
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by comfrey on August 15, 2006 07:12 AM
You can also slice them thin and place on waxed paper in the freezer, then when frozen place them into a freezer bag. When using not thaw them...use them frozen as they will get to soft to handle other wise, this is great for frying them later.

* * * *

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