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drying of lawn.

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by nritya on September 26, 2005 09:30 PM
I have laid korean grass (zoysia sp.) in my house and am watering it twice a day.The grass has been growing well for the past one month. Suddenly I see that the tips of the grass has dried up for about an inch. Could this be because of not geting enough water or some other reason? Also I am planning to buy a lawn mower and I am not quite aware of the types available .Can anybody give some suggestions? [Confused]
by RugbyHukr on September 26, 2005 10:26 PM
If the tips are truly dry, then it may need more water. But if the tips are more thin & whitish looking and not really brown, then it is probably too much water.

A way to see if your lawn is too dry is to walk on it. If the grass springs back up after it is stepped on, then you have plenty of moisture. If the grass blades break & stay flattened, that is a sign of dryness.

I suspect that your lawn is too wet. Zoysia is drought tolerant & only needs watered alot to establish itself over the first couple weeks.

As far as mowers, I like Honda. Excellent & dependable just like their cars. Also, a mulching mower is better so the nutrients in the cut grass are returned to feed the rest of the lawn.

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by nritya on September 27, 2005 11:32 PM
Hi Rugbyhukr,
I checked out what you had suggested and I guess you are right. The tips are a bit whitish as if a portion was scraped out of it. There are some areas however which are actually dry.I will cut down the frequency of my watering and be little generous to the dried areas alone. Thanks a lot for your help. [Smile]

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