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Decorating Fun Cakes For Kids

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by Merme on June 26, 2005 06:45 AM
I rarely bake cake, but when I do, it is usually for a children's party. I have three cakes that are really fun to create and ohsoeasy to do with great results.


Bake 2 single layer cakes in round pans using a light colored batter.

Using a paper plate of the same size, use a pencil to draw an arc a few inches in from one edge to create the Bunny ear, like this () with the ends touching, being careful not to make it too wide. You do not want the inner arcs to touch one another.

This is your pattern. Cut out the paper plate ear and lay it on one of the cake layers, then carefully cut the cake along the inner line.

Next, move the ear pattern to the opposite side of the cake layer and cut out the second ear. You will now have 2 ears and a center piece that looks like a Bow Tie.

Place the uncut cake layer on a large cardboard rectangle covered with foil or wax paper. Place the ears at the top of the uncut layer and the bow tie beneath.

Frost with white icing all over except for the inner ear area where you will want to put pink icing. I use a dab of blue for the eyes and more pink for the nose, etc. Frost your bow tie in some sassy color. Sprinkle the bunny face and ears with coconut for a truly fuzzy bunny look.


Make a double layer cake in any light colored batter. Assemble with frosting between layers.

Decide where your "pool" or "mud hole" will be and carefully cut and scoop a basically shallow hole. Fill with set blue jello for the "pool" or chocolate pudding for the "mud hole".

You can get as creative as you want to with this cake, adding candy embellishments and tiny drink umbrellas, frosting the sides with blue and white for waves and adding gummy water creatures. For the "mud hole" there is nothing like adding gummy worms and sprinkling the top with crushed oreos for that authentic dirt look.

Tractor Trailer Cake

Bake a large sheet cake in any flavor or color.

When the cake cools, cut off one short end about 3.5 inches from the edge. This long piece will become your 18 wheeler you will build on top of the remaining sheet cake.

Cut a portion of the cut piece off to use as the "cab." Place the trailer on top of the sheet cake, position the cab. Use flat lollipop heads for wheels and decorate the truck with lettering, headlights, reflective discs.

Frost the remainder of the sheet cake, laying out an area to be frosted to resemble a roadway and lots of green berm on either side.


* * * *

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by afgreyparrot on June 26, 2005 10:54 AM
That swimming pool/mudhole cake is a great idea.
(I would only do the chocolate pudding one...I have a phobia of blue food!)

Heck, I might eat something blue right now...I'm kinda hungry.


* * * *
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