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Japanese Beetles

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by DAISYSMURF on July 12, 2005 03:54 AM
Help! I believe japanese beetles have invaded my rose bush. I lookes it up online and thats the best description. I put some chemical granules in the soil b/c thats all I had, I belive its Ortho rose care. Any recomendations from those battle tested. I know some beetles spread and I'm just getting started in the garden business!!!!
by atreus on July 12, 2005 05:17 AM
One to really watch out for is Black Vine Weevil. Especially if you have pots in your garden.

Just do a search on Google for them. My entire area is infested with them and they will kill pretty much anything in planters or pots, and greenhouses and poly tunnels.

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by atreus on July 12, 2005 05:22 AM
Soory, almost forgot.

Nice and organice way to deal with them is the same as with black vine weevil, Nematode worms.

You should be able to get them at a really good garden center.


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by loz on July 12, 2005 05:32 AM
Hi there, I'm moving this post to the plant pests & problems forum where you should receive more replies.....
by atreus on July 12, 2005 05:42 AM
You can use sevin dust / spray too [Smile]

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