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Old problem, new year...

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by Meg on April 30, 2005 04:24 PM
Last year, I planted a peach tree from ADF. It was growing & looking beautiful, then things like this started..


Then leaves started curling, and dropped early. Not to mention, after all that, I noticed damage at the bottom of the tree from a borer. I was very sad, and thought, this tree is a goner. Well, I left it in, and treated for the borer (hoping against hope it would help). Much to my pleasure, it has started leafing out, *and* it even had a few blossoms on it, which it never had before. So, this week, I noticed bugs, already, on my trees. I started doing some research, and while I'm waiting on buglady to come by, hoping she's got some info on the bug, I did find photos online of what my tree looked like last year. West Virginia University Peach Foliage Visual Key. The one in question was the one titled X-disease.

So, I looked & looked for information on this.

1)I don't have any chokeberries (but I'm glad I read about that, because I was eyeing one up at Southern States!

2)There is in injectible antibiotic, but it's for professional use only.

3)They recommend removing all chokeberries (which I have none of), and possibly the need to remove the infected tree. [tears]

Which leads me to this. Is there any hope for my tree? Is there anything I can do? Ok, the tree was only 7$ from ADF and sure, I could replace it.. but it makes me sad. This one was looking so nice. And as of right now, other than some icky bugs on it, it still looks mostly ok. But according to what I read, it can still leaf out, but eventually, the leaves will get that rusty appearance, and the holes, and drop early. Eventually, the tree will just end up dying, even if it's a couple years later. *sigh*


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by Barb Illinois Zone 5 on May 03, 2005 07:11 AM
Hi, Meg! [wayey]
So sorry to hear about the peach tree problems.
Though I am a Master Gardener, I'm not very good with fruit tree questions. Have you tried contacting your local Extension Service? I'm betting they can help! Look them up under Extension Service or University of West Virginia Extension Service. Hope you find them helpful...
Barb [Wink]

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