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The spidermites found the marigolds

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by tkhooper on June 28, 2005 12:51 AM
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Ugly ugly ugly. Eeeeeeeew. Bad!!!!

I don't like bugs!!!

* * * *
by lkhusa on June 28, 2005 04:25 AM
I have a beautiful jade plant that I love. It is huge and everyone wants to take it home but I fear it is having real issues. There is a white cottonlike substance that is sticky to the touch on the leaves and stem. How can I treat it? I don't want to through this plant out if at all possible and I am willing to do most anything to keep it alive and healty. Can you help me.

by tkhooper on June 28, 2005 05:28 AM
I'm sorry I'm knew so I don't have the answer to your question. Use the start topic in this room and put mealy bug in the title that should get you what you need.

* * * *

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