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by n00bGardener on April 26, 2006 08:40 AM
What is the best time to water IYO.. I always thought evening watering (after sundown)was best but I came across a webiste that suggested early morning watering..
Which do you guys prefer??
by 'Sparagus on April 26, 2006 12:54 PM
[thinker] IMO.....all of the above and also at noon if anything looks thirsty! [muggs]

Karen [flower]
by peppereater on April 26, 2006 01:29 PM
Morning watering is best for things that are prone to fungus and other diseases. It's best if you don't get water on leaves on things like roses and tomatoes. Evening watering is best for water conservation...less evaporation. Whenever you have more time is the real issue! [thumb]

* * * *
Even my growlights are getting restless!
by Patty S on April 26, 2006 06:58 PM
I've heard that evening watering makes plants more susceptible to disease. (Maybe one of the "experts" will pop in & let us know why that is.) [dunno]

I do mine in the evening anyway, because I don't usually get outside early enough to water before the Sun is beating on everything!

* * * *
by johnCT on April 27, 2006 01:26 AM
Only water when the plants need it and do it in the morning preferably. Watering every day when the plants don't need it is not a good practice.

* * * *
John - Zone 6
by n00bGardener on April 27, 2006 04:03 AM
OK so it looks as if watering in the morning is best for the safety if the plants so Ill do it then. I only water if the soil is dry and it has been over the last few days since we've had awesome weather.. The next few days aren't looking too great according to the weather channel, but who knows about

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