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Plants for the Middle East Climate

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by charlieabudhabi on October 30, 2006 06:38 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies and Gents,

I am a new gardener. I have never even grown herbs in a pot. I want to start my garden from scratch and I am not sure of the types of plants to use. I am in the Middle East so water is very precious to us and we use sweet sand instead of soil for planting. I know I can use cacti and succulents, but I would love to see some colour. Can anyone give me any tips on which plants will survive the extreme heat with little water?


by weezie13 on October 30, 2006 10:16 PM
Moss Rose (Portulaca grandiflora)
Melampodium paludosum/Melampodium
Verbenas or (There's a weed that's a Vervain that's in the same family like)
Galardia's like it hot and dry..
*not 100% sure about the sandy part though*

Gazania's...*like a light sandy soil and a bit of late afternoon shade*

Do you compost or have access to any??

(And P/S Welcome Aboard The Garden Helper's Forum, we're very glad you found us)

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by joclyn on October 31, 2006 04:09 AM

it would be helpful in making suggestions if we knew what 'zone' you are in...

could you take a look at the usda zone chart and make a comparision with your weather conditions?
by charlieabudhabi on October 31, 2006 01:31 PM
Thanks so much to weezie 13 for your suggestions. I'll see what I can get my hands on over here. I'll be trying to make my own compost from kithen scraps but I have seen some potting soil in the Ace Hardware store so I can use that in combination with the sweet sand if needed.

joclyn, I guess I'd be nearest to the climate in Zone 11. Hope this helps!!

Thanks so much for your help, both of you.

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