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Japanese maple propagation

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by egibson7 on April 30, 2004 05:53 PM
I am wondering if anyone has had success propagating japanese maple from cuttings.
I have a 30+ year old tree that is growing my favorite branch directly into my front door! I am resigned to the fact that the time has come to remove the branch, and I am hoping I can successfully propagate some of the cuttings. Planning to just stick in in some rooting powder and then put it in a pot, but if anyone has any tips for success (or things I should NOT do) I would appreciate the advice. Thanks!
by obywan59 on April 30, 2004 09:25 PM
Here's what my plant propagation textbook says. Use the tips of vigorous pencil-size shoots in late spring and placed under mist. Wounding (use a knife to scrape a strip of bark off the stem) and relatively strong applications of rooting hormone are helpful. Stick into a sand-peat mix or use a 1:1 mixture of peat and perlite. It's often difficult to overwinter rooted maple cuttings. Try to induce new growth shortly after rooting, by using lighting and fertlizer.

Also, you can try taking hardwood cuttings in midwinter and root in a greenhouse after wounding and using rooting hormone

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