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Banana Tree

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by Derek Zimmermann on October 23, 2005 03:52 AM
I have recently bought a banana tree and had a few questions about its care. First off, I live in Missouri, so the weather is permitting me from leaving the tree outside, I have it potted indoors, near a glass door to maximize sunlight. Although it is near the door, it does not seem to be doing too well, the leaves are developing random brown spots appearing almost see through. Also, the leaves were growing almost one new one a week a few months ago, and that has slowed to about one every 3 weeks it seems. I was just wondering if anybody had any ideas and also could help me out on the watering pattern. Also, old leaves towards the bottom are dying, should I let them fall off or take them off? I NEED ANY HELP!!! Please respond or email me if you have any ideas.


by Jiffymouse on October 23, 2005 07:05 AM
hi derek! i don't have your answer, but if you use the google bar at the top of the page, and put in banana tree, you will get lots of info. also, i am moving this to fruits and veggies, as that is where most of the banana info is. one last thing is that we don't allow email addresses in the posts as we have had a few problems with "spambots" that get email addresses off the pages. but we have a great pm system that is good for any of the members, and if you go into your profile, you can see how to have all pm's forwarded to your email.

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