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Does anyone here freeze their peppers?

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by DaisyM on August 18, 2005 05:13 AM
Well from the look of my tomato plants, I should have stuck to peppers instead? In the past, I have chopped green and red sweet peppers, froze them separately on a baking sheet and used them later to sprinkle on pizza, etc. The one problem with frozen chopped peppers, is they get ice crystals on them easily, because of their juicy content. Has anyone frozen whole peppers? Is that a better way of freezing? Can they be sliced or chopped easily or do they get all wet and whimpy like the chopped ones?
How is your garden harvest so far? Mine isn't doing too well, but the way I look at it, better to have a little than nothing.
by Tamara from Minnesota on August 18, 2005 09:29 AM
I love freezing peppers! I think they are one of the best things to freeze. For bell peppers I cut them along their lobe lines and cut out the stem and seeds - you end up with three or four sections and just pop them in freezer bags! You do not need to freeze individually as they do not stick together. They cannot be used raw when thawed because they are a different texture, but they are great for anything else. They are very easy to chop right out of the freezer and they cook a little faster than fresh- even when still cold. Freezing bumper crops of hot peppers is great too. Just throw in a bag and remove one whenever needed, again they require no thawing and can be chopped frozen very easily. I still have 2 large bags of Thai peppers from 2003's bumper crop and I use them all the time! Freezing is much better than canning them, if there is room in the freezer. [Wink]

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by gchughes on August 19, 2005 02:40 AM
I guess freezing peppers is better than letting them go bad, but I'm willing to put up with the ice crystals to use them in recipes. I don't know of a way to freeze them without the ice issue. Some things you just have to tolerate.
by ChristinaC on August 19, 2005 06:56 AM
Hi gchughes,
I freeze my peppers whole. I use them for sauces, stews, chilis, stir frys, etc, etc...
Be sure to take out as much air as you can...the extra air is whats causing those "icicles". Better yet, they sell vacuum sealers for pretty cheap now.....that would definitely leave your peppers icicle free. Good luck!!

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