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by Storm on April 18, 2004 04:31 AM
I think I get my gardening dues today. We dug and planted 4 trees and 3 Rhodo's.

Paul's Scarlet Hawthorne - thanks to Weezie
A Japanese Plumb of some kind
An ornamental Cherry
A beautiful crabapple variety

3 deep purple with black striping of some kind the guy said. These should be interesting.

I don't think I can plant another thing. I have to stop and smell the roses. [Wink]
by Chrissy on April 18, 2004 06:12 AM
Sounds like you accomplished a lot of gardening today. I am with you on the pooped...did a ton in the garden myself. My kids all went to grandma's home for the weekend & my husband had to work all I spent the entire day weeding & de-rocking a HUGE garden bed. I am tired out. [sleepy]

* * * *
by weezie13 on April 18, 2004 03:13 PM
I spent the whole day, flat on my back! [tears]
I got a flu~bug or something, wiped me
right out for two day straight!!
I'm behind in everything!!

Keep me posted on that Hawthorn, would
love to hear all the info on it!!!
It's always one thing to do research on 'em.
but it's a whole new different thing to
see 'em in person in action!!!!

Just remember, you're always very lucky to
feel pooped!! When you're flat in bed, or
can't get out of the bed/chair/etc.... you'd
give anything to BE pooped!!!

Always be thankful for those aches!!!! [grin]


Chrissy, you can bring those rocks up here!!
I'll use 'em!!! Can always use rocks for something!

* * * *

Don't forget to be kind to strangers. For some who have
done this have entertained angels without realizing it.
- Bible - Hebrews 13:2

by Storm on April 18, 2004 11:25 PM
Weezie, sorry you are laid up. That sucks!

You're right...all the aches and pains of gardening are a good thing. You feel you've accomplished something.

Today we top dressed and reseeded our huge back lawn. Then put lots of peat moss on top. Another back breaking job.

I's the last big job for this year. Nope, I'm wrong. Next weekend we have to put in wooden garden ties along the edge of where we planted the trees to tidy up the edge. Then we are done.

After that we can or should be able to maintain and enjoy the garden for the summer.

Chrissy...that's sound like an awsome rock garden you have. I love them. I saved all the big rocks from the tree bed and will do something with those soon too. There is always sompin to do.

Weezie...sending you a virtual cup of tea and vase full of sweet peas for ya. [Smile]
by Chrissy on April 19, 2004 12:14 AM
I hope you get to feeling better soon Weezie! Get lots of rest [sleepy]

* * * *

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