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Those Darn Grasshoppers

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by buzylady on July 16, 2006 03:58 PM
I'm having trouble with what I think is grasshoppers. There are holes in the leaves of everything. Even in different parts of the yard. I turn them over but don't find anything. I do see a few small grasshoppers jumping around. If it were slugs I think I would see their trail. The one Morning Glory I have growing is over my head and big holes in the leaves.
Anyone else having this problem? What have you done?

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by njoynit on July 17, 2006 02:32 PM
well theres grasshoppers,locusts,katydids,cacidas& crickets.Maybe this article will help.I still have them& think I had them at least controled more when my ducks ran the yard as they ate them suckers out of the beds.I pull alot of the big crickets off and use for fishing.I have to say they really like my hot humid summers& they love amranthus foliage the best in my yard.I use neem oil,but I don't use every 10 days& if I did I might have better control.I have heard about nosema& heard that it did work.

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