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Banana Plants

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by Blue265 on February 04, 2005 07:23 PM
Are there any other gardeners out there who have some experience growing banana plants? I recently bought a banana plant from Home Depot here in Ontario, Canada but am not quite sure about the type it is. On the label, it just says banana plant and to keep it out of direct sunlight. I find that odd, since all the reading I've done on banana plants always say that banana plants require full sun and lots of it. I'm guessing its a dwarf variety since its sold in a 4 inch pot and for indoor use. Perhaps Dwarf Cavendish? Some pictures I've looked at look similar to mine, but it looks as though the dwarf cavenish leaves have large red spots that soon go away once they get larger. My leaves have no red at all.

Basically, I have two questions. 1, Would anyone know which type of banana plant this could be seeing it was from Home Depot? 2. Should I follow the directions and not give it full sun in the summer, or should I go with all that I've read and give it a lot of sun?

by njoynit on February 07, 2005 06:48 PM
I would guess being may be a type of ornamental banana.

I grow a hardy type& being am TX and a zone 8b.I can safely park that baby in ground.I have a tape of gardeners diary when HGTV was running canadian gardens.theyre was a lady in southern canada and she wintered her banana in ground.she took a tomoto cage and filled with mulch and burlap& plastic& it was on south side of house in full sun under eves(I'd guess was a protected space,were other things not for her zone there.even a grapefruit tree)
Yes bananas are grown in the most sun you can give them& are heavy feeders..just hook um up to a steady IV of fertilizer.I do hvae one that gets some shade& it does fine.I'd say its foliage looks better.
They love tons & tons of can dig yours and store it dry in pot or anything.just wrap the roots in burlap and place in a cool non freezeing space.They don't need water in winter&I seen a Paul James the gardening guy and caught that.I don't rember the guy or WHERE it was up north,but he was digging 15 ft tall banana trees and wraping croms& placeing pups in buckets& placeing in garage.

If you were wanting one that would bloom& would need to grow one of the hardy types& pot it indoors with as much light as possible for the winters. has a wide variety of bananas& it has pictures& grow may run into yours there.

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