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Banana Plants

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by Beverly Miles on April 06, 2004 12:21 AM
I put some Banana plants in the yard a few years ago and some of them got out of hand too close to some underground electrical lines and I cut them off. The root ball is too large to dig it up to get rid of them. How do I kill them now? [dunno] I have put some weed killer on them and they still sprouted back out and you couldn't tell I put weed killer on them at all! [nutz]
by gardengal on April 06, 2004 01:06 AM
Ah, yes, I am very familiar with the ever recurring bananna plant. Unfortunately the only thing I found that worked was digging up the big old root ball with the help of my hubby. We dug all around it and then hacked at it until it broke into manageable pieces to move. By the end I was covered with dirt but the darn plant was gone. Hopefully, somebody else will have another solution that doesn't require quite as much manual labor.

Njoynit in Texas sprayed Round Up (I think) on something large she was trying to get rid of, can't remember what it was. Perhaps she'll be through soon to help.

Good luck!

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by Beverly Miles on April 06, 2004 01:38 AM
Yeah that's how I got rid of the rest of them. [thumb] I just don't want to be digging next to the big electrical box [scaredy] and the phone lines. I may be the only one getting killed [tears] ( if I tear off into the root balls as large as they are around all these lines! (and with my luck the plants will come back better than ever! ya know what I mean?) [Eek!]

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