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Potatoes with goosebumps?

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by down under Ben on January 08, 2005 05:01 AM
Hi all,

My first post.

I am starting to harvest my spuds and they
have what feels like goosebumps or pimples
on the skin.

Does anyone know what causes that?

by dbb on January 08, 2005 10:41 PM
Sounds a bit like potato scab-the main cause is soil which is on the neutral side.Do you know the ph. of your soil - it may be worth checking it out in case that is the problem.Hope this helps.
Happy gardening!
by weezie13 on January 08, 2005 10:49 PM
Just found a URL from the Cornell University with a picture of the Potato Scab dbb just suggested...

Potato Scab pictures and info

Is this it???


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by Cory's Produce on January 09, 2005 12:12 AM

Thanks for that link, that site has information and helpful pictures on just about anything you could imagine

~ Cory ~
by down under Ben on January 09, 2005 06:42 AM
Hi all,

Thanks for the help.

I don't have a picture but it wouldn't show up as there are no spots like the pics of potato scab.

the potatoes are white and if I rub my hand over the ones I have taken out, it feels like there's little goosebumps on 'em.

doesn't seem a problem really, just though it might be too much or little of something.
I have red potatoes growing amongst them and they are perfect so it must be sometthing like water or yeah the PH level.

Must get a ph tester as it would be interesting to see the level.



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