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Honeysuckle Question

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by epr-25 on June 14, 2006 08:16 AM
Hi please let me begin by saying I am new to this site. And honestley I am not an avid gardener. But I do need some help. I will start from the begining. We have two honeysuckle vines. One day we noticed they were covered and I mean covered with afids. I sprayed them with some spray I had that kinda helped but then the afids were back in full force if anything a little worse then before. I then used sevin spray (that said it was ok to use ) and it killed the afids but also had a really badd affect on the vine. All the leaves and blooms have since fallen off. I guess my question is what support can I give this vine so it doesn't totally die? I have used miricle grow and water as needed. But other then that I would appreciate any suggestions you could give. Thanks!
by joclyn on June 14, 2006 08:47 AM
you might want to trim back some of the damaged vine...the less the plant has to worry about nourishing at the moment the better.

i use ortho brand orthonex spray for aphids (the stuff is also good for a variety of bugs and fungi on numerous plants/shrubs).
by epr-25 on June 14, 2006 08:55 AM
I have trimmed off the dead edges. There are a couple new leaves now that's why I thoguth there was still hope. I will try ortho next year and take some prevenative measures to avoid this again.
by joclyn on June 14, 2006 03:16 PM
honeysuckle is a pretty hardy plant...some attention over the next month or so and it should bounce back just fine.

you might want to get a hold of some of that spray...the aphids can reappear.

i just found a TON on one of my roses again. i'd treated it last month and had to treat again...
by Pianolady on June 14, 2006 03:21 PM
I haven't found a honeysuckle vine that I could kill yet! I cut one back, dug it up, and moved it a month ago. And, today I cut another one way back, practically to the ground, so I could install a new arbor. It'll probably recover fine.

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