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strawberry plants

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by emondchicken on September 25, 2004 11:24 PM
Hi my name is amy and i have questions on strawberry plants. this is my second year with strawberries. the plants are nice and are spreading but my berries seem to be too small.and i would like to transplant some plants. I dont know when to transplant and why such small fruit.?
Im and newbie and glad to be here. [thumb]  -

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by afgreyparrot on September 26, 2004 01:24 AM
Nice to meet you, Amy! [wayey]

Don't know much about strawberry plants...the only ones I have are wild strawberries at my farm.
Post that question in the "Fruits And Vegetable Gardening" forum below, and someone will probably see it and be able to help you out.

Welcome to the forum!


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by gardenmom32210 on September 26, 2004 03:34 AM
Hi Amy  - Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you with us [flower]

I had some strawberry plants this year, but I don't really know anything about them. We've got some gardeners that know ALOT about them and they should be along soon to help you.

See you on the forum!

Karen [grin]
by weezie13 on September 26, 2004 04:42 AM
Love that name you got there!!!

Anyhow, Welcome to The Garden Helper's Forum!!
We are very glad you found us!!!

First, Just to let you know, I'm going to move your post into the Fruits and Vegetable section..
You'll end up with a few more answers and posts into that section...

And also, in the meantime, check out the FORUM SEARCH and type in STRAWBERRY...
I think you'll come up with some posts on the same subject....

I know one post in particular I answered in there may give you some helpful hints to go by.....
Need help with Straw Berries, please..

Also, can you tell us some more about your plants Like, how they were planted?
Watering practices, ie; how and how much?
What kind of soil you used?
What kind of fertilizer, if any, you used?

That'll help us also narrow it down a bit for you too!!!
Thanks so much!!


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by BoothX3 on October 18, 2004 08:08 PM
Welcome to the forum. I too, had some questions about my strawberry plants this year. We just bought a new place this year and had to start from scratch with the landscaping. I bought some cheap strawberry plants from a local discount store. They had their little greenhouse set up out in their parking lot. I think I paid $.59 a plant and bought a dozen. To make a long story short, they totally flourished. I have harvested more strawberries this year than I ever dreamed I could. Some of the runners have even taken root. I probably have double the number of plants that I started with. Just this week end I picked a gallon jar full of berries, and we have even had a couple light frosts here in Montana. Since I was starting fresh with the garden I mixed some store bought top soil, peat moss, fertilizer, and top soil hauled in by the construction company. They are protected by the house, as they are planted on the south side. To get to my question, what can I do to help the plants winter, so they will come back next year? I realize they were just cheap plants, and I wouldn't be out much money, but I don't want to loose all the sweet berries that it spoiled me with this year. [flower] [flower]

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