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eatable flowers

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by stormcloud on May 30, 2006 04:09 AM
good day all heres something i want to know, i have been trying eatable flowers and found none that taste that good, any one know a sweet tasting flower,or a fruity tasting one

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by Bill on May 30, 2006 04:14 AM
by weezie13 on May 30, 2006 07:22 AM
Borage is edible too...

One way they make like pansy's that tastes good
is by sugaring them...

And another way is like for Nasturiums, you mix up a cream cheese mixture
*like w/ garlic pieces' or chives or pimentos', etc* and stuff them..

Borage you can put in lemonade ice cubes and freeze up and then put into drinks..

I am not all that crazy about eating them,
but they sure do look pretty...

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