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new peace lily owner

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by chipthecookiemonster on November 10, 2005 12:51 PM
I brought a peace plant down from wis to tx a week ago.
My grandma has had it for ten years. The thing is huge and well cared for. The plant seemed to make it ok. But some the roots are showing and some roots don't hold up the stems. Is it because of the size and the weight of the stems that the roots don't hold up the stem? Also is the temperature change going to affect the plant. My grandma had the plant inside in the partial shadow and sunlight.

thank you for the advice

chopping on my cookies,

by swin on November 10, 2005 06:56 PM
Are the roots showing from the top of the plant or are they coming out of the holes on the bottom ? It sounds like it may be time for a transplant. Turn the plant on it's side (lay newspaper down on the floor first) and slipp the plant from its pot to see if you have roots showing all around the dirt ball. If you do then it is time to move the plant into a bigger pot. Loosen the roots before you put it in the next size pot, give it some fresh potting soil and then a good drink of water, let the water drain out the bottom of the pot and then give it some more, in about an 1/2 hour. To test for when you have to water the plant --- stick your finger in the soil down to your first knuckle if your finger comes out dry then give the plant a good drink( again water let drain and sit for awhile and then water again) After you you test a few times you will get the feel of how often you have to water that plant. Peace lilies are great because if they become too dry they will faint and if they do take the plant to the sink and give it a really good drink and it will come back . Good luck with your plant.


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