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How do you grow a calamondin plant

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by babyqerl on June 27, 2004 05:34 AM
I have had the calamondin plant for three years. I grew it from seeds. It hasn't flowered yet. I would like to find out what i have to do to make it flower.
by weezie13 on June 27, 2004 05:44 AM
Here's some info from the site here, that Bill
has wrote up!!!
I know Papito has some knowledge of this tree too.
He should come thru at sometime..
Also, there may be other's along the way that can also help you!

Calamondin Orange Trees Pests and Problems

While you're waiting for someone to come thru,
can you give us some more info on how you're growing it, so that it can narrow down some of the answers you might recieve..

How are you growing it, in a pot, inside, outside, in a pot, in the ground????

What kind of dirt, and fertilizer??
What kind of sun, and time of day it gets?
Your watering practices!!


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by papito on June 27, 2004 05:38 PM
Is the Calamondin grown in container, and is the plant inside the house or out in a shaded area of the house(like balconey, porch, under a tree, etc.)?

Grafted Calamondin orange tree (or other Citruses) usually bear fruits in about two years. Citruses grown from seed usually take up to 15 years to mature and start fruiting.

I am not aware of any method to force-bloom the Calamondin tree grown from seed before it's time; but you may want to take the plant outside near a grafted grown citrus tree in the spring to see if pollination will rub off from the grafted citrus to your seed grown citrus.

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