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by litsis14 on October 23, 2005 12:02 AM
Hello all,
Could you tell me the name for this plant, I have had it for 10 years now. What is the best way to care for it? Also, every now an then its leaves turn yellow and fall off, what is the cause of this? I have had a small gas leak in the last few weeks and it seemed to go a bit yellow then. [Roll Eyes] also I keep in a bay window that gets no direct sunlight. Could it be getting too cold in the winter months? Should I use a grow light? I could use any info!! [grin]  -

by Jiffymouse on October 23, 2005 01:11 AM
it's schefflera. i'll have to dig up some care info on it.
by Will Creed on October 24, 2005 03:24 AM
That's a Schefflera arboricola or Hawaiian Schefflera. It looks very healthy and probably does not require you to change much of anything.

Lots of bright indirect light is perfect for it. It is possible that it might suffer some mild cold damage if the leaves are pressed up against the cold glass in sub-freezing temps or if the bay window is very drafty. Otherwise, it should be fine.

Over potting and over watering are the two most common causes of problems with S. arboricolas. Keep it tightly potted so that the top quarter of the soil dries out every 3 to 7 days. Water it when the top quarter is dry.

Fertilize sparingly at half strength when it is putting out new growth.

It is quite normal for it to drop off lower leaves as it grows taller. This is not a problem except that eventually its height may outgrow its space and it may develop a leggy appearance. To preserve its fullness, it is best to prune back tall stems regularly. A stem can be cut at any point. New growth will emerge from just below that point on the stem. Tip cuttings root readily in water or in damp potting mix.

Scale insects and mealybugs are sometimes a problem with this plant. So check monthly for signs of stickiness, little flecks of cotton-like material, or small hard slightly raised bumps on leaf and stem surfaces.
by margaret e. pell on October 28, 2005 04:50 AM
If you've had it for 10 years, be happy, you're already doing it right!!!

* * * *

may God bless the WHOLE world!

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