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Spider Plants (sorta)

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by JenT on April 21, 2006 08:39 PM
Hi everyone! I bought a house last summer with an incredible garden. Due to the stress of moving and various other things, I coulnd't give it the attention it needed, but fortunately these are some pretty hardy perennials.

I have a bunch of border plants that look like spider plants (no color varigation). The tops died back and the new shoots are coming in nicely from underneath.

Do I trim out the dead stuff? If I leave it, will it look like the bulbs I didn't cut back, with a ring of dead foliage aroudn the bottom of new growth? OR, is the "dead" stuff not really dead and will miraculously green up? [Smile]

I know this isn't a lot of info on what kind of plant it is, but it's a pretty hardly little bugger, typical for zone 6 here.

by tkhooper on April 22, 2006 01:09 AM
Possibly an ornamental grass. If you take some snapshots of it and put them down in mystery plants some one can probably identify it for you. No the brown blades of grass don't turn back to green sorry. Just cut the brown blades off as close to the center as possible and the new growth will grow over it so you won't really see it at all. Just be careful you don't cut the new growth off instead of the old. I say that because I'm quite a clutz and very new to gardening so I'm still in the frequent mistake stage. lol

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by Jiffymouse on April 23, 2006 01:58 AM
most "spider plant" looking grasses are either liriope or mondo grass, both are frequently referred to as "monkey grass" both do well with top trims.

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