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by spadix on December 10, 2004 04:40 AM
I have put together a terrarium in a 45 gallon aquarium. I would like to see if anyone knows if the flourescent light is okay or if I need to use something else or nothint at all. Thanks alot.
by Amy R. on December 13, 2004 01:52 AM
hi spadix, the only terrarium i have made was from an old wine jug that i sent near a sunny window, out of direct sunlight of course. i'm sorry, i don't know anything about artificial light, but i don't like it is entirely necessary if you have enough natural light and heat. good luck, maybe another poster will be able to help you out more.
by Jiffymouse on December 13, 2004 02:48 AM
flourescent light will be just fine. in fact, plants grow better with flourescent light than regular incandescent bulbs. don't know why, but they do.
by Carly on December 13, 2004 08:22 AM
I agree about the light - as long as you're getting natural sunlight, you're ok.

What a terranium does is help keep the moisture in and that's what you need for new plants.

I, as I said in another post, put bottles or parts of 'em on plants - just to help them out.

You wouldn't put it in direct sunlight cause that could burn the leaves, of course.

Florescent? Maybe that's why plants always do so well in offices or retail places.

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