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Problem with Dhalia

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by Mehar on November 26, 2002 11:56 PM

I recently bought a dhalia plant which is 12 inches in hight and bushy . Its pot is small one i.e. 7 inches in hight and 5 inches width . I water it daily and water is drained out properly . But on its leaves there are while lines ? Is this any desease ? How should I cure my plant ? And is it ok if I water it daily . Should I keep it in full sunlight ? I don't have much gardening knowledge but I am found of growing plants. Please help me. I don't want my Dhalia to die.


by bomar1224 on December 01, 2002 02:11 PM
I think that you are giving your dahlia plant too much water if you are watering it daily. Hopefully your plant is still alive.
I would stop watering for a few days; feel the soil in the pot. If it feels moist, don't water. Yes they like full sun. Okay there. Is the plant indoors? If yes, dahlias are more of an outdoor plant. However, if you live where winters are real cold--hard frosts, lots of snow, or where winters are wet with lots of rain, the tubers should be stored in a crate or box covering the tuber with bark dust, or vermiculite and placed in a cool room where the temperature stays around 45 to 50 degrees.

As for watering dahlias, they like to be watered real thoroughly about once a week. Check the soil for moisture and hold off watering again until the plant slightly drys out. Remember: Dahlias are an outdoor plant; they are not generally grown indoors except in greenhouses.

Hope this was of some help

by Mehar on December 02, 2002 08:24 PM
If i don't water my Dahlia its leaves wrinkel, is it ok???

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