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Silver Queen/Chinese Evergreen

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by syl726 on August 31, 2004 03:18 PM
I have two stalks of Silver Queen/Chinese Evergreen that my co-worker had rooted in water. I followed her instructions and put them in soil and they didn't too well [Frown] I took them out and now have them in a vase of water; again. Should I put a pinch of plant food in the water?
by Newt on September 02, 2004 12:10 AM
Often plants rooted in water have a weaker root structure. I would suggest that you get some perlite. Put the rooted stems in a pot with drainage holes, pour in the perlite to cover just above where the roots meet the plant stem, water well and keep slightly moist for about one month. This will give the roots an opportunity to develop a stronger root structure. Then you can try potting up again.

If you try inserting the stems with roots into the perlite instead of pouring the perlite over the roots, you risk tearing and damaging the roots as the perlite is abrasive.



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