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Silver Queen Chinese Evergreen/Araceae

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by syl726 on July 27, 2004 07:27 PM
Can anyone give me help, care, advice on caring for this plant? A co-worker gave me two stalks at two different times. Hers is still in water and looking great; as usual. The first stalk she gave me wasn't doing very well then sprouted a new leaf. The second stalk she gave me and told me to keep it in water for two weeks (it already had a new leaf coming) then put in soil/mix. They're looking "okay" so far but don't seem to be reproducing like I thought it would. I read on another site that it is "a low light plant, nice used in a mass, and to reduce watering to match the enviroment". Should I be putting more than two stalks in the pot and decrease watering? Right now I water every two weeks when the soil is drying out and using Miracle-Gro Potting Mix and plant food which(the need to dilute in water kind) using only water that's been out several days as with the other plants and it's NEVER in the sun. Stays in apartment unless I put it out once a month after the sun has passed over. HELP [tears]
by Will Creed on July 28, 2004 03:21 AM
Although Aglaoanemas can be rooted directly in soil, I find that the success rate is better if you root them in water first. Two weeks isn't long enough, however. You will have to wait until they have several roots at least an inch long before moving the cuttings to a small pot filled with a peat-based soilles potting mix.

The more cuttings you put in the same pot, the fuller-looking plant you will have. About six per pot is a good number.

When potting them up, use the smallest pot that they will fit into when the cuttings are held together in your hand. Move them up one pot size only when they become utterly potbound.

In a small pot with a good potting mix, you shoud water as soon as the top half-inch of potting mix feels dry.

Lots of bright, but indirect light is best. A north windowsill is a good spot. Keep them inside.

Nix on the fertilizer; it doesn't help and can do some damage.

Let me kmow if you have any questions.

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