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by 2grnthumbs on August 15, 2004 05:18 PM
after a year of TLC, my ficus is finally doing awsome and seems happy in it's location. but there is one branch which has grown considerably longer than the rest of the tree (or is it a shrub?) is there a way i can clip this branch and root it with hormone, and if so, how should i do it so i don't damage the mother plant and the clipping? i already know how tempermental the plant is, so i want to keep it healthy and strong.
by Nako on August 15, 2004 07:39 PM
You could air layer it, and then cut it off [Smile] I learned this about a few weeks ago. Whatcha do is you make a nick at the point where you wana take the branch off. Then you fill that nick with fine sphagnum moss, or soil or something like that. i don't think ur supposed to use fertalizer. Then you get the moss to stick there somehow. you can use roap, or plastic, or tape i guess. All ya gotta do is keep that moss moist, and eventually, that part of the ficus will start to root into the moss. When it gets enough rooting out there, you can cut the branch off, and pot it [thumb]

Good luck!


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