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by BFVISION on February 19, 2005 07:23 PM
[wayey] All the discussion on clematis (old wood- new wood [Eek!] ), how do you know which ones you have? I am interested in covering a steel arbor and want the ones that will not need to be trimmed back to 12 inches each year. Can someone provide assistance? [gabby]

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by Cricket on February 28, 2005 10:40 AM
Hi BF! [wayey]

My understanding is if the flowers bloom on the current season's growth, it's one of the new-woods clematis. You want to prune these back hard so there is plenty of new growth for flowers. Clematis that bloom on previous years' growth are old-woods. You don't want to prune these ones hard, because if you do, flowers won't bud. Then there are those (like mine) which blooms first on old growth (spring), then again on new growth (summer). [perplexed] I'm still figuring that out but have decided, for now, to hold off on pruning mine until after the spring bloom, when I'll cut it back 1/3?

Clematis were categorized into different pruning groups A, B, C, which I believe have recently been changed. [dunno] Someone way more experienced will be around soon to teach us both! [teacher]

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