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sweet potatoe vine

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by MsSue on March 18, 2005 08:04 PM
Hi everyone, I'm new here, found the site while dong a search for sweet potatoe vine. This site looks great, so nice to find "one stop shopping", a place where I can find everything I'm looking for and chat with friendly people too! I read the posts for digging up and storing my sweet potatoe vines, which I did last fall. I tried rooting some, and honestly the ones that I left alone look better, like their ready to plant, the rooting ones didnt root at all and look like their rotting instead. Do I just stick them in the ground now? I read that someone said you plant the eyes, and I dont see any eyes. I got them from from a nursery last year and I think they said that these are not the eating kind but an ornamental vine. I have the green and the black ones too. They get a rather large leaf and covered a trellis last summer, they grew very quickly and are beautiful.
Any info would be appreciated. Again I am happy to meet all the posters here and look forward to exchanging info and posts throughout the season.

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Ms. Sue
by Longy on March 21, 2005 10:48 AM
I wouldn't plant the rotting ones. You may transfer disease to the bed. My sweet spuds send out new growth even if they're not in the ground. I just cut 'em up and plant them. Or you can plant the runners too. Just pull off all but the last set of leaves on a runner and bury it with the leaves poking out. They like a soil very rich in organic matter. Not sure about whether or not the types you have are edible though.
by Sue Z on March 23, 2005 03:00 PM
Hi Ms Sue & W E L C O M E!!!!!!! [thumb]

When I was a child, a potato vine was the first plant my mom ever taught me to grow and we started it in her kitchen window in a glass jar of water held up by toothpicks, with the eyes just touching the water.

I was soooo happy & proud when it took off and to this day, I always grow them and have taught all my grandchildren to grow them too.. [Cool]

Keep smiling. [flower]

Sue Z

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