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calalily black dots and bugs

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by robsleach on May 17, 2005 07:54 AM
I have tried 6 times to post this, please let me know if it works. thank you.

Hello! I am virgin to this forum stuff, and have a busy schedule (5 hours in commute each day, 12+ hour work day), so I doubt I will check the site often. If you are knowledgable about my plant problem, please e-mail me directly at: thank you.

We have indoor plants and I don’t know much about gardening. The three calalillies we have were doing great until about a year ago, when I noticed some splotchy activity on the leaves. I tend to them regularly, so I also noticed an abundance of what I thought was “bug dung” or something on some of the leaves. These teensy tiny little black dots were/are on the leaves of these plants. I wash them off with a sponge. There seems to be more of them on more of the leaves these days. I also noticed one of them slightly move. And many of the leaves that housed these dots have taken a splotty “bleached” look (since last year, I have clipped countless dying leaves off these plants). When I wash them off, the sponge gains a tint of their color, and as I have to hold each leaf to clean it, the dots also make smear marks on my hand. It appears that what I thought were droppings of some sort are actually little critters, who like these plants of ours, but none of the other plants we have. Also, where the stem meets the leaf, I have noticed a web-like silky material, which I also scrub off. Do you know what is on our plants and how I can get rid of them for good? Thank you so much for any insight you can provide.


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