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by syl726 on June 09, 2004 10:26 AM
OK, I've searched everywhere (almost) and I DO have a Boston Fern. Problem: only 2 places on the porch where they can hang, only 1 of those places are out of the way of direct sunlight and not enough room to hang both. My conclusion:bring one inside and place by east widow to receive medium filtered light and place the other where the shade is. My problem:what can I put in the empty space [dunno] Was told by the sales clerk "at Kroger" that an English Ivy does wonderfully outside but how much full sun can it take? Will be in the same situation as the fern was...getting about 2 hours of direct sunlight [flower] I work days from 9-5 and no one's home to move the plant(s) before the sun hits the porch. [shocked] Suggestions PLEASE [scaredy]
by gardenmom32210 on June 09, 2004 02:36 PM
Some suggestions for a basket in full sun. Portalaca,wave petunias,creeping Zinnia,just about any full sun annual or perenial can be used in a basket. Hope this helps.

Karen [grin]
by Will Creed on June 14, 2004 12:44 AM
Spider plants, wandering Jews, Hoyas, Fuchsias, and goldfish plant will all do well. So will the Hedera ivy.

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