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help! Newbie..Planting indoor Zenias from seed

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by patigerjet on February 15, 2005 05:08 AM
I'm a first time gardener, and am totally "green", literally. I decided to buy some Zunia seeds from walmart. I planted about 5 seeds together in a half gallon pot about a week ago. To my surprise and amazement 6 seeds sprouted to this point about 1.5" above the soil depth.

Now I'am asking myself how to keep them growing so they will flower evenutally to full growth inside. If if can make it happen, it would be so rewarding, almost like creating life (i have no kids, so this is closest I will probably ever get)

I know light is important, and I am keeping them under a saran-wrap plastic to create a mini-greenhouse during the day(that little I know). During the night I keep them under a incandescant light, but not to close as to get them 2 hot. I will get a florescant bulb soon to make it cooler.

Is their any advise any of you experts can give me to keep my dream going of getting these to grow and eventually flower (if I did, my mom would be very proud). At this point the seedlings have a two leaf bud at the ends.

Where do i go from now?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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