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Using Floodlights to warm up Exotic Plants

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by Blue265 on February 07, 2005 10:23 PM
I just recently visited a plant shop and noticed how they had floodlights everywhere that seemed to really heat up the place, especially the plants. I currently have a banana plant, and a sago palm in addition to a few small citrus trees and was wondering if anyone would know whether having a couple of floodlights on them during the day in the winter might help stimulate winter growth somewhat in these plants (more for heat rather than light since I already have a few CF full spectrum bulbs on them which don't get very warm)
by Will Creed on February 08, 2005 12:16 AM
Flood lights are a very expensive way to provide heat. If you already have adequate light, then I suggest that you invest in a heater if you need it to keep temps above 65 degrees F. Tropical plants do grow better in warm temps.

The plant shop may have the floods there to increase the light levels and also enhance the appearance of the plants. Many grow lights make some plants appear a bit off-color, whereas incandescents look more natural to our eyes, which is why we use incandescents in our homes.

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