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pilea aluminum

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by hcraig970 on October 11, 2006 06:27 AM
I believe I have identified my plant as an pilea aluminum. The leaves are falling off and the tips of many of the leaves are getting brown. I have it in a sunny room, but in indrect lite in the corner. I waster it weekly. It was doing great when I had it outside this summer but it has gotten cold and I had to bring it in. I would say it gets a little less direct light light then it did before but not much. Any ideas. Thanks [Embarrassed]

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by joclyn on October 11, 2006 07:18 AM
it's probably got a bit of shock from the sudden change in temp - it may even have gotten pretty chilled the last few nights it was outside.

do you have it in the same spot as previously (before you put it outside for the summer)? if not, put it back where you had it orginally.

is it getting the same light as it was when it was outside? if not, put it in a spot where it will get the same lighting as it did when it was outside.

it might not need such frequent watering...when they are outside, they tend to need more frequent drinks...

it might need to be repotted too...check for roots growing out of the bottom drain holes...if there are no drain holes it might be getting root-rot due to the water sitting in the bottom of the pot - again, the answer would be to repot it in something with drain holes. also, let the soil dry out a bit before watering again.

when moving plants from inside to out or vice versa, it's best to do so gradually - start taking it in/out at night and put back out/in during the day...or just do it when the temp is the same inside and out and you can just move it and leave'll know for next year [Smile]
by hcraig970 on October 11, 2006 07:25 AM
thanks, the plant never was inside before I got it (except at the store) I think I have it in light that is close to what it had outside, but its not as hot as it was. I am afraid to mess with it too much if its in shock but maybe i will try repotting it. [flower]

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by Star Dancer on October 11, 2006 05:07 PM
Aluminum plants do best in medium intestity light such as that in an east window. Our eyes rapidly adjust to different light intensities, thus deceiving us into thinking indoor light is brighter than it really is. Light intensity even a couple feet away from a window is greatly reduced so place the plant as near to the window as possible.

Your plant will use less water in lower light, so cut back on watering as Joclyn suggested. Unless it needs watering more frequently than every 2-3 days, repotting is not a good idea. Plants that are in pots too large are at increased risk of root rot from overwatering, especially approaching winter when growth rate slows with shorter days.


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