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Episode #10.... Scavenger Hunt part 3

Willy's Place » The Further Misadventures of Wild Willy
by Wild Willy on May 21, 2004 06:08 PM
The further misadventures of Wild Willy, the Hillbilly Gardener
The Scavenger Hunt, Part 3

Never tell me that something is impossible
Has it really been that long since I was telling you about my project? Shame on me!

Before continuing, you may want to re-read the first two parts of my "Scavenger Hunt" (episodes 8&9) to refresh your memory....

Having set the initial three posts and two 16 foot beams in place (and still having no idea of what I was doing), I moved seven feet to the left and set post number four in place, creating the future entry. From there, I turned in a non-calculated angle, measured for two more 16 foot beams and set the posts for the west wall. On the north end (26 feet wide), I measured to center and set the tallest of the frame support posts (10 feet above grade), then calculated the center of the structure and set the center post which would support the main roof beam.

The main roof beam was created with a 34 foot tree which I trimmed on one side to create a flat surface for stability. It took considerable effort to raise the log to the top of the posts, but with ropes and pulleys, and a little muscle power I managed to lift it into place...

Project framing

I used my Vine Maple poles to create ribs over the roof beams. The first ten ribs on the south (lower) end of the structure were secured on the east wall, then I created a jig to hold the west ends of all the ribs together as a unit.

Creating bows

Each day, I pulled the jig down a little tighter to force the ribs into a bow. I did it gradually to prevent the poles from snapping from the torque. Due to the span length, the remaining sixteen ribs were made with two poles each (the Vine Maples weren't long enough to do it with single poles).

Project framing

I used additional poles to create "trellises" around the center poles on both the east and west walls, created benches from cedar logs which I sliced with my chainsaw, and added many of my favorite burls as decorations....

Rustic trellis

After pruning, I secured the existing three Honeysuckles and two Clematis to the structure, and proceeded to plant a couple dozen hardy ferns (Sword Ferns, Deer ferns, Wood Ferns, A Tassle Fern, an Autumn Fern, Japanese Painted Fern), wild Violas, Bleeding Hearts, Fuchsias and Columbines. The floor is covered with about 25 different varieties of Mosses. Licorice Ferns and moss was already growing on the Vine Maples which were used as roof ribs....

If you are seated properly, you can look out through the entry arch and "my mountain" will be centered in your view. If you turn your head and look through the arches on the east side, you'll be looking across the west entry garden at a 100 miles stretch of cascade mountains.

Project framing

To be continued......

The further misadventures of Wild Willy, the Hillbilly Gardener

by Phil and Laura on May 21, 2004 06:52 PM
What a Project, looks like somehting I'd build, completely without a plan, I really like your Style Bill, and the View, is Beautiful [thumb]
by Sue Z on March 09, 2005 06:58 PM


G U Y!!!!!!!!!!! [thumb]

Sue z
LOVES Gods coloring book!!!!!!!!! [Cool]

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