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How to Grow Banana Plants Indoors

Musa nana
12-17-97 Dan Lang wrote: I have a banana tree that was grown from a shoot off of another plant. My brother gave it to me, but I am not sure how to properly care for it. I have it in a window with afternoon sun and have been keeping it well watered. Please let me know if I am doing things right and if I need to be doing anything else for its success. Thanks! Banana plant Hi Dan, Banana plants (Musa sp.) are fun to grow, but don't do 30 like I did, unless you have a machette...

Planting and Caring for Banana Plants

It sounds like you are doing fine with your plant. Give it a lot of root space, and the plant will grow proportionately. Banana plants need a rich, humus soil, and heavy feeding when they are actively growing. I would use soluable 20-20-20 fertilizer monthly. Banana plants like it hot and humid so it is helpful to mist the leaves often, and sponge them off when they get dusty. Since you are growing the plant indoors, protect it from the very hottest sun in the afternoon, otherwise it needs full sun. Some varieties of banana plants produce edible fruit, others are inedible, and others even make little tiny miniature bananas. Which ever you have, it's cool!(as long as you have enough space!)
The Banana Site
The Banana Site

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